Tancredi is built on the PHP Slim 3 framwork and requires at least a PHP 5.6 web stack to run. For instance, an Apache or Nginx web server with PHP-FPM are typical setup.

  1. Clone the repository with

    git clone`
  2. Go into directory and install dependencies with Composer

    cd tancredi
    curl -sS | php
    php composer.phar install
  3. Tancredi reads its configuration from the /etc/tancredi.conf. Copy the tancredi.conf.sample file from the source code repository to /etc/tancredi.conf and modify it as needed.

  4. Set up write access permissions on

    • data/first_access_tokens,
    • data/scopes,
    • data/templates-custom,
    • data/tokens

    On CentOS 7 the apache user is a good choice:

    chown -R root:apache data/{first_access_tokens,scopes,templates-custom,tokens}
    chmod g+w data/{first_access_tokens,scopes,templates-custom,tokens}
  5. Create a directory for log files and make sure the Tancredi user has granted write access.

    mkdir -p /var/log/tancredi
    chown -R root:apache /var/log/tancredi
    chmod g+w /var/log/tancredi
  6. Configure the HTTP server to allow reaching public/provisioning.php and public/api-v1.php. For instance set up the URL mapping rules as follow:

    https://host.fqdn/provisioning/ => public/provisioning.php
    https://host.fqdn/tancredi/api/v1/ => public/api-v1.php

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