This is the reference index of error types, as required by RFC 7807.

Phone exists

The phone mac address is already registered

Not found

Resource not found

Read only attribute

Cannot change a read-only attribute

Resource in use

The resource is in use by other resources and cannot be deleted

Model exists

The model name is already registered

Malformed data

Data provided are wrong
Missing MAC Address in POST /phones
Missing model name in POST /models
Illega characters in mode name in POST /models. Only [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], "_", "-" and "." are allowed


Access to resource is forbidden with current client privileges

See the detail attribute for detailed failure reason. For instance

"Wrong credentials"

Invalid file name

The uploaded file name contains invalid characters.
Only letters, numbers and the following symbols are allowed:
"_", "-", "(", ")", "."

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