Software components

Dartagnan server is divided in 3 parts:

  • Athos: REST API server implemented in Go, it handles subcriptions, payments and serve data to Aramis
  • Aramis: web interface which uses Athos APIs to display manage machines, alerts and subscriptions
  • Porthos: stable updates YUM mirror, accessible only from registered machines


The server REST APIs are documented here.

Athos stores all data inside a PostgreSQL database.

The API client part is shipped by the nethserver-subscription RPM and is made up of three main parts:

  • server registration and YUM repositories configuration
  • machine information gathering (inventory)
  • machine monitoring and alert generation

The client technical documentation can be found at


Partial list of features:

  • Authentication via social login or ad-hoc account using Auth0
  • Machine registration with free 30 days trial
  • Subscription and payments management via PayPal API
  • Alerts management


Porthos serves YUM repositories via HTTPS. Its main features are:

  • access with HTTP basic authentication
  • upstream repository synchronization
  • snapshot views of each repository, to gradually release updates to client tiers

More information about Porthos is available at

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