A subscription is an entitlement associated to a machine. Each machine is uniquely identified with a System ID and a Secret.

The System ID is the name fol the machine registered at Dartagnan instance, while the Secret is mainly used to invoke remote APIs to retrieve subscription plans information and send inventory along with alerts.

Both credentials are used also to access stable updates repositories using HTTP basic authentication.

Machine registration

System ID and Secret are generated from the Dartagnan instance and must be saved inside client, see nethserver-subscription for more technical details.

Stable updates repositories

Stable updates repositories are clones of NethServer and upstream YUM repositories. Any RPM update is delayed for a week at least after it has been released by upstream, then it is gradually released to all the subscribed machines using tiers.

A tier is a snapshot of a repository in a given time and updates flow from the tier 0 (t0) to tier 3 (t3).

General rules:

  • Each machine is automatically associated to a tier.
  • Tiers are considered only by overnight/automated updates
  • Day-time/manual updates from system console or Software Center page always point to the base tier

When a specific RPM will be available on stable updates repositories?

If the RPM follows the automated schedule, and is released during week 0 by upstream repositories, then it is available during week 2 from stable repositories.

In other words, the minimum age of an RPM from stable repositories is one week.

This is the automated overnight updates schedule:

tier day
t0 Tue
t1 Wed
t2 Thu
t3 Fri

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