Server provisioning

This document will guide you on installing all server-side components: Sun, Wings, Wax.

Provisioning scripts will use latest Icaro release.

Getting the code

Clone the git repository:

git clone

Then enter the provisioning directory:

cd deploy

Provisioning with Vagrant and Ansible

This procedure uses Vagrant to provision a Digital Ocean (DO) droplet. If you prefere to use another cloud provider, edit Vagrantfile accordingly.

  1. Install Vagrant along with Digital Ocean plugin.

    On Fedora 27:

    dnf install vagrant-digitalocean

    On Ubuntu 17.10

    apt-get install vagrant-digitalocean
  2. Install ansible (>= 2.4)

    On Fedora 27:

    sudo dnf install ansible

    On Ubuntu 17.10:

    sudo apt-get install python-pip
    pip install ansible

    add $HOME/.local/bin/ to your $PATH.

  3. Replace YOUR TOKEN with your DO token inside the Vagrantfile

  4. Make sure to upload an SSH key to yuor DO account, then replace YOUR KEY NAME with you SSH key name inside the Vagrantfile

  5. Modify deploy/ansible/group_vars/all.yml file by replacing all variables. Make sure to customize at least icaro.hostname. Set icaro.tls: "auto" if you want https certicate provisioned by Let’s Encrypt.

  6. Create the Icaro droplet:

    vagrant up --provider=digital_ocean

You can destroy the droplet using:

vagrant destroy

The machine can be rebuilt using (all data will be lost):

vagrant rebuild

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