Accounts should be profiled and have access to different features based on their own entitlements.


  • Each account is associated to a subscription
  • A subscription is valid for a limited time and it’s associated to a subscription plan
  • Each subscription plan has a cost of renewal and a duration
  • When a subscription is renewed, the validity will be extended of X days, where X is the duration of the associated subscription plan
  • Each subscription plan enforces a set of rules to the associated account. Each rule give access to specific feature
  • Subscription plan rules are applied to every sub-account (customer, desk) associated with the reseller account


Default plans:

  • Every new account will have premium subscription plan valid for 365 day (1 year)
  • Every subscription plan has the price set to 0 and the duration set to 365 days.
  Free Basic Standard Premium
Included SMS 0 500 1000 2000
No. Units/Hotspot 1 1 10 100
Advanced reports No Yes Yes Yes
Captive portal customization No No Yes Yes
Social marketing No No No Yes

Rules are saved inside subscription_plans table as extra fields.

Included SMS

Number of SMS included for each plan, when the threshold is reached, the system will no longer send SMS. SMS can be “bought” as packs of X elements.

Field: included_sms , should be evaluated along with sms_max_count inside account_sms_counts table.

Number of units for Hotspot

The number of Units which can be connected to an Hotspot instance.

Field: max_units

Advanced reports

Basic reports include:

  • list of active sessions
  • list of inactive sessions

Advanced reports include:

  • Sessions/ time graph
  • New registrations/time graph
  • Bandwidth/time graph total
  • Bandwidth/time graph on single user
  • Average duration of sessions for timeframes

Field: advanced_report

Captive portal customization

Allow changing captive portal aspect like logos and colors.

Field: wings_customization

Social marketing and analytics

NOT implemented

Reports created on social collected data, like customer age and country distribution.

  • login type graph (fb, insta, link, sms, email)
  • users genre
  • day based histogram male/female
  • day based histogram age
  • day based nationality
  • filters (genre/age/nationality/time period) on users (export and/or integration with mailchimp like services)

Field: social_analytics

Enforced rules

  • Authentication is denied for all clients connecting to an Hotspot belonging to an expired account
  • Resellers and customers wit “Free” and “Basic” subscription can’t change Captive Portal view configuration
  • One a unit is registered, the system checks the number of allowed units per hotspot
  • During reseller account creation the administrator must choose a subscription plan

Not implemented yet

  • An expired (reseller, desk or customer) account has access to the Hotspot Manager but is locked in a page until the expire date is extended
  • New accounts have a free subscription plan by defeulat
  • Each reseller account can upgrade his own subscription plan paying with a credit card
  • Admin user can change subscription plan for existing accounts

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